Client #1 Progress Picture

Pleased to show my first clients progress from after 25 days of working with him.  The pictures are 40 days separate however I started training him 25 days prior to the ‘after’ picture.

Tom wanted a more rapid fat loss approach and so we went through the details, his lifestyle, how much time he had etc and ended up with the results you can see here.  We were even able to accommodate Tom going out and socialising during the weekends.

Not only did Tom manage to achieve a lean physique but he also saw improvements in strength and other goals.  These are demonstrated by his 5 rep max deadlift increasing from 140 kg to 160 kg and his max muscle ups increasing from 7 to 9 reps.

I look forward to showing you more of my clients progress in the future.

Tommy Progression

Client #1 Progress Picture

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