Main Principles vs Minor Details when Dieting/Training

Whilst thinking about topics I’d like to write about I decided I may as well progress in a manner which I would like people to apply to their training/dieting, and perhaps even in life generally.

How often have you planned to do something and never got round to doing it because you’ve focused so hard on the small details – on making it perfect? I can relate to this wholeheartedly with my approach to dieting/training but also to many other projects I have taken on.

Bringing this back to dieting and training, many people spend so much time looking for the perfect diet strategy or training programme (which i may add does not exist – all approaches have pros and cons) to achieve their goal that they end up constantly changing their minds or end up doing nothing at all.

I will briefly add that the minor details may be important in some few athletes who are at such an advanced stage that they need the minor details to make further improvements – the main point being they are following the main principles very well already. However for the great majority of people, whether beginner or well trained individual, it is focusing on the main principles that will achieve the best results.

In summary starting a programme is better than doing nothing at all. Get the fundamental principles in order and go from there. Do not sacrifice the basics for minor details and you will be on your way to reaching your goals.

Main Principles vs Minor Details when Dieting/Training

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